Bringing Forth Change

ACHIEVEMENTS – Incubator cum Training Centre & Skill Development Institutes

To promote, aid & foster the growth of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) & generation of local entrepreneurs

Providing proactive assistance to the local entrepreneurs and household women, and training the rural and urban unskilled labour force in operating simple machines for enhancing their productivity.

Bracing the industrial structure & leading economies to accomplish industrial augmentation & diversification, The Incubator cum Training Centre is established at our office premises with a structure as underwrite:


1. The machines displayed consume less electricity, less manual power & less capital
2. Project reports are prepared based on which, credit facilities can be sourced at Government or Bank level
3. 20-30 machines can be easily set up at an area of 800 sq. ft.
4. Apart from local entrepreneurs, retired army officials, household women & unskilled labour, all can handle the machinery with ease
5. Training manuals in English & other foreign languages are provided with each machine supplied & installed.


We undertake feasibility studies, site surveys, design, engineering, procurement, supply, installation, training, and project management and technical support. Our mission is to promote, aid and foster the growth of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in the African countries and thereby provide direction to the first generation entrepreneurs by helping them to set up their own micro & small enterprises, work with country specific governing bodies which promote such initiatives and development programmes, handholding in identifying the right SME for the right person(s), bring in the appropriate technical & infrastructure partnership through our networks in India etc.

ACHIEVEMENTS – SKD Tractor Assembly Plant

Assembly line for local production & fabrication of tractors & related components

Providing employment to the youth and rural dwellers through mechanised land preparation, transportation of agricultural produces to marketing centres and more.

In support of the modernization of agriculture, we have played a key role in taking tractors and agricultural implements to the West African market. Year 2003 was the time of around 1000 units of Escorts Farmtrac exported to Ghana with subsequent repeated orders. In 2008, the Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. SKD Tractor Assembly Plant was set up in collaboration with our local partner Zoomlion Ghana Ltd. in Kumasi which is the financial capital of Ghana. We are eager to spread its tentacles to other parts of the country.

Features & advantages of the plant include:

  • Maximized fuel efficiency of the tractors
  • Attainment of minimal wear & tear
  • Development of efficient service stations
  • Facilitation of Mobile Service Vans to provide 24×7 customer service
  • Promotion of sale of genuine spares
  • Image Building
  • Warehouse & Tool Shops
  • After Sales Support

ACHIEVEMENTS – Waste Management

Keeping cities clean, green & healthy

In technical collaboration with Indian manufacturers, we provide a range of tools and equipments along with technology transfer.

Due to uncontrollable urbanization, large quantity of waste is generated daily in every city creating unhealthy environment and living conditions. Having been registered with international standards, Indocorp in collaboration with leading waste management company of India showed a way forward for providing waste management solutions in Ghana. Having partnered with our local partner in Ghana – Zoomlion Ghana Ltd., about 180 garbage trucks from Ashok Leyland along with auto tippers and garbage bins have been supplied with after sales support & complete commissioning by our engineers.

Other services offered include:

  • Solid & Liquid Waste Collection
  • Power Generation
  • Landfill Site Management
  • Transfer Stations
  • Sorting & Recycling Plant
  • Composting Plant
  • Street & Drain Cleaning
  • Cesspit Emptier Services
  • Vector Control Services
  • Capacity Building / Training

ACHIEVEMENTS – Plastic Recycling

Recycling the present, saving the future!

Recycling of plastics by using simple and manageable machines while generating employment — our technology not just protects the environment but also promotes entrepreneurship.

Plastic recycling is the process of collecting plastic wastes and reprocessing the material into useful product. Usage of plastic is inevitable in this fast running world. Plastic has many ill effects on the environment and is hazardous to health. The best way to minimize the hazards caused by plastic, is to recycle it.

We have successfully initiated the projects in Ghana 2013

  • Waste reduction
  • Conservation of energy
  • Save money
  • Create new jobs
  • Generate revenues
  • Hygienic environment

ACHIEVEMENTS – Food Processing

Flavoring quality, enhancing nutrition!

Offering food processing manufacturing units in the micro and small scales of production our machines help boost the rural economies by generating new income opportunities for the locals.

ACHIEVEMENTS – Fruit Juice Processing Unit

Extracting; purifying; packaging

ISO certified semi-automatic and easy-to-handle processing and packaging solutions that can handle multiple fruits. Tin packaging and bottle packaging table-top solutions available.

Owing to the synergies and vital linkages it promotes between industry, economy and agriculture, processing fruits/vegetables has been counted among the most significant sectors for a nation’s development. Hence, we step ahead with our crucial contribution of a technologically upgraded and semi-automatic ISO certified Fruit Processing Plant; crafted in adherence with the set quality norms of agro-chemistry and food technology. Dimensionally stable and possessing excellent durability, this machinery is broadly used for processing multiple fruits like pineapple, oranges, grapes, and tomatoes, to name a few. Moreover, we have also gained accolades in providing a complete range of professional vacuum packaging machines from the smallest table-top vacuum packer up to the largest heavy duty vacuum double chambers. Furthermore, we also offer bottle packaging machines and tin processing machines for our valuable patrons.

Our Expertise

We have exported semi-automatic fruit processing plant in Cameroon in 2011 that facilitated employment solution and served the catering needs across the nation.

Broadening Roles! Connecting Needs!

  • Transferring ISO certified semi-automatic Fruit Processing Machines
  • Average capacity of 1.5 tonnes per day
  • Generating employment solutions and catering entire nation through the same
  • Processing multiple fruits and vegetables
  • Purifying and packaging solutions also entertained


Transferring Eco-friendly Technology!

Jute is a natural fibre that is available easily across Africa. Our jute bag making plants are easy to install, use and maintain. We also train workers on the machines.

Nature is getting sicker & sicker because of all the indescribable mishandling that we do. Jute is one of the most affordable natural fibers available. Jute bags or earth bags are naturally green. This initiative aims to help the environment by encouraging more people all over the world to use earth-friendly bags. Nowadays, people are realizing how important it is to care for the environment and most of all, care for one’s self. We specialize in providing coco & cashew nuts jute bags.

The latest specimen of success for this project can be seen in Ghana in 2013

What we provide:

  • Supply of jute yarn & jute clothes
  • Supply of all types of machines required for jute bag plant
  • Manpower and technology transfer

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