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Football Kit

The ball designed for optimum bounce and trajectory properties, feels “SOFT” on the Foot & Head, is fast in flight, permits optimum handling and ball control, and meets or exceeds the specifications required by FIFA. Embodies the perfect roundness and dimensional stability, a high abrasion resistance and is low water resistant.

Football Accessories

    • Ball Pump


      • This small pocket pump features a double action ‘pull and push’ technology which reduces the inflation time of the ball as it pumps air on both upstroke and down stroke.

    Football Jersey


  • Fitted tee for performance.
  • Ribbed neck
  • Good for performing on field as well
  • Contemporary cut for a great fit
  • Mesh Breathable panels.
  • Front Panel sublimated with neutral overlock sticth
  • Logos – Embroidery / Printing available


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