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Recycling of Waste Paper & Plastic
  • Plastic Recycling Machine
  • Paper Recycling Unit
  • Saw Dust Briquette Machine
  • Agglomerator
  • Recycling of Waste Fibrous Material
  • Scrap Grinder

Plastic Recycling Machine

It classifies waste plastic and then performs smashing and washing of the same. The washed plastic is then dried and made to go through plasticizing and extruding. It is then cooled, pulled, cut and packed.


  • Suitable for LD/HD/HMPP agglomerated & grinded material of articles
  • Available from output ranging from 90 Kgs/hr to 200 Kgs/hr
  • Runs with only 4 blades, Grinded blade can be used twice
  • Foundation is not necessary, Output is 70 to 80 kgs/hr
  • Maintenance is free of cost

Paper Recycling Unit

Paper recycling is the process of recovering waste paper and remaking it into new paper products. There are three categories of paper that can be used as feedstock for making recycled paper: mill broke pre-consumer waste, and post-consumer waste. Paper suitable for recycling is called "scrap paper". Different machines are used in the unit to recycle the paper for a usable application.

Saw Dust Briquette Machine

This machine is used as a substitute for fire wood or steam coal used in boilers or for room heating, where there is high flame required.


  • Produced from bio mass using the following processes
  • Drying of raw materials is done to less than 15% moisture content
  • Hammer mill grinding is done to make uniform sizing, briquette, either by using screw type extruder machine or ram type (die and punch) machine
  • No binders are used in the process and yield is 100% of dried raw materials


Agglomerator Machine Is Suitable for Polypropylene, P.E., woven sacks & all type of plastic film. Machine is designed for high output on low power consumption. Special alloy steel blades are provided for longer life.

Technical specification:

  • Agglomerator machine is available in the production of 80 kg/hr to 300 kg/hr.
  • Agglomerator machine is suitable fort woven, sacks, polypropylene, LC and all type of plastic films.
  • Agglomerator machine has the blades on the rotor as well as the body wall for good production at less power consumption.
  • Blades are made of high quality alloy steel material well hardened for optimum result
  • Drum is made of stainless steel inside

Recycling of Waste Fibrous Material

It is a complete yet uncomplicated technology package with which even a child can turn waste paper and cotton rags into useful and valuable products. In conjugation, it helps reduce pollution.


The raw material which can range from used paper to waste cloth is soaked in water and beaten to a pulp in an electrically powered mini-beater or hydro pulper. After two hours of beating and further dilution with water, the pulp is ready for making paper. The pulp is transferred to a univac, mixed thoroughly and lifted with a unique deckle and mould frame system designed to lay it out in sheets of even thickness. The sheets stacked on top of each other, separated by thin cotton felts. After squeezing out excess water by a screw press, the sheets of paper are separated and dried in the sun. The dry paper is polished with a calendaring machine or a hot iron, after which it is ready for use or sale.

Scrap Grinder

Scrap grinder is made of rigid steel plates. The rotor is fitted with 3 rotary blades and is located on roller bearings at each end. The drive motor is mounted in parallel with the cutting chamber. producing a very compact design. The feed hopper can be turned 180 to suit the application. The angle blade assembly cuts the material with a scissor action to minimize the amount of dust and fines. By using different sieve size, uniformly sized granulate can be produced