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Solar Energy
  • Solar Cooker
  • Solar Inverter
  • Solar Lantern
  • Solar Lighting System
  • Solar Panel
  • Solar Water Pump
  • Solar Dryer

Solar Cooker

It is basically used to cook food, purify water and sterilize instruments using sunlight as its source of energy.


  • Used in situations where minimum fuel consumption or fire risks are considered highly important

Solar Inverter

It is a type of an electrical inverter made to change the direct current (DC) electricity into alternating current (AC) for use with home appliances and possibly a utility grid.


  • Available with option of charging of batteries by both solar as well as mains utility (hybrid version)
  • There is an automatic changeover from mains to battery and from battery to mains

Solar Lantern

It converts solar energy to electrical energy by the SPV panel and is stored in a sealed maintenance-free battery for later use during the night hours.


  • Portable device
  • Self operating
  • Reliable unit with no recurring fuel cost

Solar Lighting System

It converts solar energy directly into electricity. The electricity is stored in batteries and used for the purpose of lighting whenever required. The solar module is installed in the open on roof or terrace exposed to sunlight and the charge controller and battery are kept inside a protected place in the house.


  • It is a fixed installation
  • The solar module requires periodic dusting for effective performance
  • Finds its applications in home and steel lighting system, community room system, medical refrigeration system, solar lantern, water pumping system for agriculture and drinking water, defense applications and remote village electrification

Solar Panel

It is a packaged interconnected assembly of solar cells. The solar panel is used as a component in a larger photovoltaic system to offer electricity for commercial and residential applications.


  • Available in the range from 5WP to 120 WP Solar Photovoltaic (SPV)
  • DC electricity produced has a long operating life
  • Completely noiseless and environment friendly
  • Doesn't require qualified technical personnel to operate and maintain the SPV energy source

Solar Water Pump

It is designed to lift and pump water for irrigation, horticulture farms, gardens, drinking and other similar applications. A solar water pump is one of the best alternatives in case of unavailability of electricity or reliable supply.


  • Surface Pump set
  • Floating Pump set
  • Submersible Pump set

Solar Dryer

It is used to dry fresh fish of mixed variety and size to the desired moisture content within 2-3 days. The dryer with a designed capacity of 56 Kgs fresh fish per batch is suitable for adaptation by fishermen.


  • It is a non-corrosive aluminium cabinet coated with high temperature black powder coating & stainless steel and brass hardware
  • It has 3 solar fans 12 V DC, 3 solar photovoltaic panels of total 21 V, standby A.C. electrical power connection total 3.6 KW., 220 VAC.
  • Thermometer and dust cover is also provided
  • Available capacity is 50 kgs