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  • Bund Maker
  • Combine Harvester
  • Leveler
  • Offset Disc Harrow
  • Plough | Disc Plough
  • Plough | Mounted Mould Board Plough
  • Potato Planter
  • Potato Digger
  • Tiller | Power Tiller
  • Tiller | Rotary Tiller
  • Tiller | Springloaded Tiller
  • Straw Reaper
  • Rice Transplanter
  • Subsoiler
  • Thresher | Haramba Thresher
  • Thresher | Multicrop Thresher
  • Thresher | Paddy Thresher
  • Tractor
  • Trailor | Non Tipping
  • Trailor | Tipping
  • Zero Till Seed Cum Fertilizer Drill Machine
  • Pruning Machine

Bund Maker

It is used for making irrigation bunds of the size and shape in order to match the respective crop and soil for efficient use of soil and water.


  • Heavy duty box type frame
  • High quality steel disk
  • Size and depth of ridge can be adjusted

Combine Harvester

It harvests grain crops. It combines three seperate operations comprising harvesting-reaping, threshing and winnowing into a single process. The waste straw left behind in the field, including dried stems and leaves of the crop, is either chopped and spread on the field or baled for feed and bedding for livestock.


  • Thorough threshing and clear separation
  • Low grain breakage and high grain cleanness small truing radios
  • Well adaptation to the crops of slightly wet, lodged or hard to thresh and good maneuverability in the wet and soft field


To obtain better degree of cultivation, a leveler ensures grading and smoothening of land to uniform plane surface.


  • Rugged and is directly fitted to the tractor
  • 10 mm single plate, duly reinforced
  • Leveling blade is made out of special steel delivering it double the life compared to other ordinary blades

Offset Disc Harrow

Having the penetration ability to break down large clods normally left after disc ploughing in hard grounds, it is ideal for chopping and mixing of stubbles and crop residues in the soils. It aerates the soil thereby allowing moisture conservation for longer periods and eradication of weeds.


  • Strong and sturdy main frame with boron steel disc
  • Heavy duty chilled cast iron spools to provide center weight
  • Optional wheels can be provided for towing on roads

Plough | Disc Plough

It is used to open the new fields and to process the stoney areas and is designed to work in all types of soil for basic functions such as breaking, raising, turning and mixing.


  • Directly mounted to the tractors
  • Extra heavy duty pipe frame has higher trash clearance allowing the plough to operate under heavy crop residue
  • In conformity within the soil conditions it is being produced with 2, 3 and 4 bottoms version with an option for extra kit for converting it to extra bottom plough

Plough | Mounted Mould Board Plough

It is the most important plough for primary tillage in canal irrigated or heavy rain areas where too much weeds grow. The mould board is used to completely invert and pulverize the soil, up-root all weeds, trash and crop residues and bury them under the soil.


  • The under frame and unit to unit clearance are adequate to cope with trashy conditions
  • The plough has special ware resistant steel bottoms with bar points for toughest ploughing jobs
  • Bar point bottoms ensure longer life as they can be extended or reversed and reused till the last possible length

Potato Planter

It has the ability to plant any size of potatoes.


  • Fertilizer attachment is available
  • Driven by the Power Take Off (PTO) of a tractor

Potato Digger

It is made to dig one row of potatoes or other root crops. The machines can be pulled on the centerline of the tractor or offset, while straddling two rows and digging one. The standard diggers return the produce onto the dug soil after shaking the soil through chain.


  • Harvests all sizes of potatoes
  • Driven by the PTO of a tractor

Tiller | Power Tiller

It is a multipurpose device used for operations such as pumping, tilling, cultivating, bund formation, paddy operations, spraying and transportation.


  • It ranges from 9 to 15 HP

Tiller | Rotary Tiller

It is a motorized cultivator that turns the soil by means of rotating tynes or blades. It does smooth and speedy preparation of field and enhances soil fertility.


  • Long lasting blades made of special quality wear resistant steel
  • High quality drive shaft and sealed bearings, preventing moisture/mud entry

Tiller | Springloaded Tiller

It is suitable for use in stone and root-obstructed soil. When one tyne strikes a hidden object, too firmly fixed to be moved, the others continue to work at the correct depth. This equipment may be used for loosening and aerating soil to a depth of nine inches preparing seed beds quickly and economically.


  • When one tyne strikes a hidden object, the others continue to work at the correct path
  • Springloaded assemblies derive their srength from the heavy duty angles, which are fixed to the strong main frame

Straw Reaper

It is used for cutting stub ends of wheat crop left in the fields after cutting by Combine Harvester, which simultaneously cuts these remnants into small pieces to make straw (chaff) which is used as cattle feed. Its outer pipe is attached to tractor trolley covered with net to collect the chaff.


  • Brackets used in gear box and pulleys are made out of good castings
  • Sharp quality blade allows fine cutting

Rice Transplanter

It is used for transplanting mat type paddy seedlings and is suitable for all transplanted type paddy varieties. It requires considerably less time and labour than manual transplanting.


  • Requires less time and labour than manual transplanting
  • Considerably increases the approximate area that a person can plant per day


It loosens and shatters compact soil layers by creating many cracks and fissures thereby allowing roots to develop more freely and water to move down more rapidly. This equipment can be easily operated by trailing behind the tractor.


  • It can plough up to 55 c.m. depth
  • It fights draught by increasing the ground storage capacity
  • It increases soil turnover by reaching deeper organic matter layers

Thresher | Haramba Thresher

It is designed in a way that it doesn't break grains. Due to specialized setting of sieves and pressure of fans, a very clean crop product is received.


  • Threshes barley and soybean
  • Suitable for the crops like wheat, gram, mustard, soya bean, Milles etc
  • Automatic feeding system providing along with self feed system
  • Durable speed system provided to control the speed of the threshing drum

Thresher | Multicrop Thresher

It removes the grains from ears, pods etc. without damaging the grains and separating grain from straw. Straw is broken into small pieces & discharged through main blower & grain is collected in bags through eccentric vibrating sieve.


  • Threshes wheat and sorghum
  • Threshers from 12.5 to 35 H.P
  • Double speed system gives excellent cleaning

Thresher | Paddy Thresher

It entirely separates the husks & grains and blows them in the other direction because of its fanning and delivering system and diesel.


  • Threshes wheat and oat


It is used for hauling a trailer or any machinery used in agriculture. It may also provide a source of power if the implement is mechanized. It is basically used for ploughing, harvesting and transporting.


  • Range available 25 HP to 80 HP

Trailor | Non Tipping

It is used for general purposes such as transporting agricultural inputs and harvests from farms.


  • Available in 2 wheels and 4 wheels options
  • Capacity available 2 to 20 tonnes

Trailor | Tipping

It can easily be attached to various agricultural implements for carrying seeds, harvested crops, fertilizers, etc. It is available in various sizes to be fitted to any models of the tractor.


  • Ensures efficient off loading of the material
  • Available in 2 wheels and 4 wheels options
  • Capacity available 2 to 20 tonnes

Zero Till Seed Cum Fertilizer Drill Machine

It minimizes the losses due to delayed sowing and simultaneously saves the cost involved in land preparation. Due to automatic cut of mechanism, there is no possibility of shortage or excess feed of seed or fertilizer. It can be used for any type of soil and can also be used as a cultivator.


  • Different crops e.g. wheat, barley, peas, pulses etc. can be sowed in prepared field with fertilizers
  • Saves the diesel, tractor's working time, labour and gives higher yield



  • Size-6'' X 43''
  • Weight- 133 Kg
  • Auger Diameter-6''
  • Tractor Power- 35-40 hp

Pruning Machine


  • 1 cutting board with 8 disc saws Ø 40 cm – cutting length: 270 cm;
  • 2 motors 25 CC with anti-cavitation valve;
  • Frame with 4 hydraulic movements (lift, inclination, 1st telescopic arm, 2nd arm with parallelogram);
  • Electro-hydraulic controls with proportional joystick;
  • Independent hydraulic kit, with 2 pumps, , oil cooler and cardan joint;
  • Support stand for storage; Weight : 605 Kg. (pruner only)