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Dairy Equipments
  • Bulk Milk Cooling Tanks
  • Electronic Milk Analizer
  • Master Mini Milk Analizer
  • Cream Seperator
  • Milk Cans
  • Milk Pasteurizers
  • Milking Machine
  • Automatic Milk Packing Machine
  • Butter Churner
  • Milk Testing Equipments
  • Electric Centrifuse
  • Milk Adulteration Testing Kit
  • Labrotary Equipments
  • Cottage Cheese Unit
  • Milk Vending Machine
  • Composite Dairy Plants for Milk Products

Bulk Milk Cooling Tanks

Direct expansion Cooling Tank (Open Tank Round shape) has large opening lids for easy access and rounded internal corners, to facilitate through cleanin. Tank insulation is provided by factory injected polyurethane foam of 50 mm. The condensing unit is beneath the tank. It occupy very less space. It is Low Running Cost, High Standard of Milk Hygene, Reduced Electricity Consumptin, Agitator On/Off, Cooling On/Off, Digital Temperature Display, 35 C to 4 C Within 3 hours for 1st milking & 10 C to 4C within 1.5 hours for the 2nd milking, condensing Unit Hermetic, 20 Volts Single phase, 50 HZ supply. Two milking tank design, All SS 304 capacity available 100, 200, 250, 500, 1000 & 2000 litres

Electronic Milk Analizer

Milk Analyzer is for analysis of Fat, SNF, Density, Protein, Lactose, Solids, added water, Freezing point. Sample temperature in a sample of whole freshly drawn milk or preserved milk. It is a must for dairy laboratory and milk collection centers. Choice of the independent channels is available. Factory settings have been made for Cow, Buffalo and Mixed Milk before despatch. For Sheep, Goat or U.H.T milk pre-callibration from factory can also be done on request.

Master Mini Milk Analizer

Milk Analyzer Master Mini is for analysis of Fat, SNF, Density, Protein, Lactose, Solids, Added water, Freezing point, Sample temperature in a sample of whole freshly drawn milk or preserved milk. Must for dairy Laboratory and milk collection centers.

Cream Seperator

This machine helps to extract cream from milk. It is available from 60 lph to 550 lph. Centrifugal bowl is made of stainless steel.

Milk Cans

This comes in one piece aluminium alloy and is available in different capacities from 10 ltrs to 60 ltrs. It is built in durability, corrosion proof, Tempered, hardened & anodized cans & lid.

Milk Pasteurizers

The batch pasteurizer will be triple walled. The inner shell fabricated from stainless steel 304 quality sheet. Sufficient insulation will be provided to ensure no heat loss. One reduction gear box attached with electric motor fitted on the top. Agitator SS 304 with shaft and blade will be provided on the top. Capacity available form 40 Ltrs to 500 Ltrs.

Milking Machine

Milking machine comes with different varients like manual model, electruic model, & engine model. It is low cost & easy to maintain machine. Milking time is reduce to half in compare to hand milking and no spillage of milk.

Automatic Milk Packing Machine

The output of this machine is 1300-1600 bags per hour & capacity of packs is 200-500-1000 ml. It's power requirement is 0.75 KW, 220V, AC/380V, AC. The size of this machine is 950X850X1900 mm. This machine is widely used to pack liquids of low and high viscosity such as milk, fresh cream, curd, lassi, flavoured milk, pure water, juice, beverages, soy sauce, vinegar and wine. It can automatically sterilize the film with ultra violet ray, form the bag, print the code precisely fill the product and seal & cut at one time. This machine can use single layer PE film and also co-extrusion film.

Butter Churner

This machine helps in converting cream into butter. It is available in maual and electrical madel. Capacity is 4.5 ltrs to 60 ltrs.

Milk Testing Equipments

Hand Operated Centrifuge:-Milk Testing Machine, solid construction, cover top, strong and sturdy, perfect allignment, ball bearing, smooth running pan covers ISI mark dynamically balanced for 24 Test, with extra housing cover and brake for safe operation.

Electric Centrifuse

Small Centrifuge for butyrometer with acid resistance coating, plexiglass cover, special motor, rapid braking, angle head with 0-5 minute timer, can be easily placed on laboratory table.

Milk Adulteration Testing Kit

This kit is for detection of Urea, Starch, Neutralizer and Detergent checks. This kit can test samples of each type. This is a stand alone instant check adulteration testing kit having latest test, recently developed for detection of 13 adulterants

Labrotary Equipments

A wide range of Laboratory Equipment is available such as

  • Sediment Tester Bench Mounting Hinch
  • Autoclave (Vertical)
  • Autoclave (Horizontal)
  • Water Bath Rectangular (Single Walled)
  • Serological Water Bath
  • Oven
  • Temperature Cabinet Vertical (Deep Freezer)
  • Water still Automatic Wall Type
  • Laboratory Round Heating Plate
  • Heating Mantles (Fitted with Energy Regulators)
  • Kjedhal distillation Unit
  • Kjeldhal Digestion Unit
  • Laboratory Stirrers
  • Magnetic Stirrers (with Hot Plate)
  • Rectangular Muffle Furnace (1000 c)
  • Humidity & Temp. Control Cabinet
  • De-Humidifier Dry Air
  • Melting point Apparatus,
  • Bulk Density Appts. (Densitionmeter)
  • Polarimeter Model PA-2
  • ABBE Refractrometer
  • Butyro Refractrometer
  • Water bath for Butyro Refractrometer

Cottage Cheese Unit

Cheese Vat 500 Ltrs. Made out of SS-304 in tripple jacket with provision for hot water circulation, the Vat is equipped with agitator and cheese knife. It also include cheese press pneumatically operated having capacity to hold 5 moulds of 10 kg.

Milk Vending Machine

This Machine is made up from Stainless Steel to facilitate hygienic way of dispensing loose milk, refrigerated tank for maintaining the temperature at 4 C, electronic push button operated control panel with separate buttons for dispensing 250 ml, 500 ml and 1000 ml, battery with charger is also provided for uninterrupted ower supply for vending milk upto 3 hours.

Composite Dairy Plants for Milk Products

This plant will consist of Milk Reception, Homogenzation, Heating, using LTLT (Batch) technology. The final product will be packed using manual filling & sealing system in plastic Pre-formed cups/Glass/Pouches. This unit will have provision for incubation  chamber and cold storage for the finish product the plant will come with all the utilities for heating, chilled water, and electrical for our supplies only. The plant will also come with mini quality control Lab.