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Food Processing
  • Bottle Filling Plant
  • Cashew Nut Processing Plant
  • Pea Grader
  • Pea Huller
  • Onion Processing Unit
  • Fruit & Vegetable Washing Machine
  • Fruit Mill
  • Pulper
  • Steam Jacketted Kettle
  • Hammer Mill
  • Colloidal Mill
  • Hydraulic Juice Press
  • Pineapple Machine
  • Dicing & Cubing Machine
  • Vacuum Filling Machine
  • Canning Retort
  • Double Seaming Machine
  • Juice Extracting Machine
  • Crown Corking Machine
  • Reforming Unit
  • Dehydrator
  • Cocoa Mass

Bottle Filling Plant

It is used for filling varied products into a wide assortment of different Types of containers. It utilizes the latest technologies to achieve the Maximum speed and very accurately fills bottles.


  • This filling system is capable of accommodating products that are regular free flowing liquids, viscous, thick, tend to foam or drip, have particulates or chunks or are dry
  • It is capable of filling the following Liquids in bottles:
  • Milk, water, fruit juice, liquor
  • Available capacity 90 bottles per minute

Cashew Nut Processing Plant

This process line is of the type of batch production. Cashew nut process has mainly four operations. One operation is performed each day i.e. one complete cycle takes 4 days. The process line includes shell cooking, shell breaking, drying in oven, peeling, grading and packing.


  • Available capacities (carnell output) from 30kgs, 60kgs, 160kgs, 320kgs and 500kgs.
  • Raw material required is four times the capacity of the plant

Pea Grader

Pea Grader consist of several cloverleaf pattern drums fitted with different perforations. The peas dropping through the perforates are collected under the respective drum, while the larger leave through the end of the drum.


  • It is rotary type, heavy duty with 3 grading arrangements
  • All contact parts are made of aluminum and other parts of M.S. with 1.5 HP motor Available capacity is 500 -700 Kgs/hr

Pea Huller

It is small, efficient and inexpensive equipment used for hulling of pea. It saves hours of manual tedious work.


  • Equipped with 2 HP motor
  • Available capacity is about 700-900 Kgs peas pods per hour

Onion Processing Unit

Its main role is of controlling the peeling thickness as it adopts the special peeling principles for removing the skin of onions without the cutter blade and then dries it. It is the electricity saving tool and has got an easy operation.

Peeler Machine

  • This machine is suitable for food industries as through its ideal commercial purpose it serves for peeling many onions at one go.
  • Power: 0.2kw/220V.
  • Capacity: 500kg/h.
  • Weight: 160kg.
  • Dimension: 1340*860*1500mm

Slicer Machine
This slicer machine has got high productivity in no time all the onions sliced in uniformity come out of it. It also maintains the thickness and smoothness of the sliced onions.

  • Power: 0.75kw/220V.
  • Capacity: 300kg/h.
  • Dimension: 720*540*880mm.
  • Weight: 60kg.

Dryer Machine
The dryer belt present in this machine dries all the onions and it allows the hot air to pass through the layers which evaporates the water and finally reaches the drying requirement.

  • Power: 0.75kw/220V.
  • Capacity: 300kg/h.
  • Dimension: 720*540*880mm.
  • Weight: 47kg.

Grinder Machine
It allows the dried onions to turn into powder. This machine is highly capable of bringing fineness to the grinded onions.

  • Power: 4kw/380V.
  • Capacity: 100kg/h.
  • Dimension: 400*500*1250mm.
  • Weight: 180kg.

Paddle Sealer Machine
Its role is to ensure that the onions are being sealed in good quality and the end product reaches the customers well packed. Its errorless function performs the tireless role for packaging the onions.

  • Power: 0.6kw/220V.
  • Capacity: 0-12m/min.
  • Dimension: 1030*450*39.
  • 0mm Weight: 47kg.

Fruit & Vegetable Washing Machine

It is capable of washing fruits & vegetables such as mangoes, apples, pears, tomatoes, potatoes, carrots & other root vegetables.


  • All contact parts are of stainless steel
  • Simple design and sturdy construction
  • Length of drum is 8', overall length is 9.3', width 3.3' and height is 6'
  • It is equipped with jets spray arrangements
  • Size of water pipe is 1' with 1 HP motor
  • Available capacity is approx. 2/3 tonnes per hour

Fruit Mill


  • Stainless steel models are available for these food processing machines in wide range
  • Suitable for operation on fruits having thick and thin skin
  • It is suitable & useful for paste-making, course paste, crush, mixes, and multi products crushing, pre-crush for dehydration inputs


It is designed for extracting juice and pulp from fruits & vegetables like mango, litchi, guava, pear, tomato, passion fruit, strawberry grape, chilies, pumpkin etc. along with different vegetables.


  • Stainless steel models of these fruit pulpers are available in wide range

Steam Jacketted Kettle

It is used for heating pulp and juice to a desired temperature.


  • Parts are made of stainless steel mounted on mild steel stand, complete with steam pet cock, safety valve, pressure gauge
  • The kettle is 2/3 jacketed so as to give most efficient output

Hammer Mill

  • Especially used for sauce making
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Equipped with 1 to 10 HP motor

Colloidal Mill

It is an ideal homogenizer-cum-emulsifier. It finds its application in various processes like grinding, homogenizing, emulsifying, dispersing, mixing, extracting etc. It is also used for processing pulp, juices, syrups, sauces, mayonnaise and dressings.

  • Rigid design criteria combined with excellent quality of workmanship of colloidal mill ensures superior end product
  • It is suitable for small, medium, as well as large batches of production

Hydraulic Juice Press


This machine is suitable for extraction of juice from crushed fruits like pineapple and apple etc. after, them having been crushed in the fruit mill.


  • Available capacity is 50 tonnes
  • Rack and cloth are also available
  • Tray is covered with aluminum sheet
  • Provision of 3 HP motor
  • Hydraulic pump with automatic pressure control is available
  • 10 racks and 10 cloths are required for one press

Pineapple Slicing Machine

This machine is capable of slicing pineapples in a very structured conduct. Moreover, the slices obtained are equal in size.


  • This machine can slice 5 pineapples in a minute

Dicing & Cubing Machine

This machine is most suitable for making cubes from papaya, potato, carrots, apples etc.


  • All contact parts are made of gun metal stainless steel heavy duty
  • Available capacity 1 to 3 tons per hr as per size of the cube with 2 HP and 3 hp motor
  • Fully automatic
  • The fruit needs to be only peeled and cleaned and there is no need of slicing as cubes of the desired size are directly obtained

Vacuum Filling Machine


The function of this machine is filling of sauces, juices & syrups in glass bottles.


  • This machine comes with two filling heads, complete with motor and pump, mounted on M.S. cabinet
  • Available capacity is 20/25 bottles per minutes

Canning Retort

It functions analogous to a pressure cooker made of compressed mild steel plate with pressure gauge, safety valve and steam pet cock.


  • Capacity available 280/300, A2-1/2 cans, without crate
  • Retort and crates are painted with heat resistance paint
  • Two crates are required for each retort suitable for fruit and vegetable pulp sterilization of cans and bottles after sealing

Double Seaming Machine

It pilfers proof caps like caps on medicine bottles, whiskey bottles & squash bottles.


  • It is mounted on mild steel stand
  • Available capacity is approx. 600 cans per hour
  • It is equipped with 1 HP, 3 Phase, 440 volts motor and a starter

Juice Extracting Machine

This machine extracts juice from fruits like oranges, pineapples, grapes etc..


  • Made of pure aluminum
  • One sieve is of tainless steel with self attached 1/2 HP motor and starter
  • Available capacity is approx. 800 oranges per hour

Crown Corking Machine

It is specially designed and manufactured for crown capping of any size of glass bottles.


  • Heavy duty hand operated
  • Magnetic cork holder table model with mild steel handle
  • Speed is dependent on operator
  • Adjustable for all sizes & bottles

Reforming Unit

This machine is the first step to reform the can from flattened to perfect circle shape.


  • Consists of rotary flat body reformer and hand flinger
  • Available capacity is approx 600/800 cans per hour
  • Equipped with 1 HP, 3 Phase, 440 V motor and starter


It is used to dehydrate fruits and vegetable in order to enable their further processing.


  • Sturdily built
  • Fitted with thermostatic temperature control up to 100 degrees
  • The oven is equipped with dry air inlet and wet air exhaust

Cocoa Mass

We are exclusive distributor of Cocoa Mass.