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Laundry Equipments
  • Industrial Washer Extractor Machine
  • Vacuum Finishing Table
  • Industrial Drying Tumbler Machine

Industrial Washer Extractor Machine

  • Loading Capacity of 15 Kg.Loading Capacity of 15 Kg.
  • Front Loading
  • High Spin
  • Full Stainless Steel Cabinet
  • Electrically Operated (Motorized) Drain Valve
  • Operates on 415 V, 3 PHASE, 50 HZ AC supply

Vacuum Finishing Table

  • Vacuum Finishing Table with steam iron and suitable steam generator, cap. 6 kg out put
  • Table Size- 1200mm x 750mm

Industrial Drying Tumbler Machine

  • Front loading
  • Open pocket
  • Electrically heated with loading capacity of 15 Kg. Per Charge
  • Consists of Auto Timed, Auto Reverse-Forward, Auto Digital Temperature Control
  • One motor each for drive and blower
  • The controller is built for rugged 24x7 operations
  • Operates on 415 V, 3 Phase, 50 Hz AC supply operation cycle 40 to 60 minutes