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RO Plant Unit
  • R.O Plant Unit Overview
  • Semi Automatic PET Preform Stretch Blow Molding Machine
  • Automatic Inkject Batch Coding Machine
  • Semi-Automatic Sleeve Wrapper Machine
  • Infeed Air Conveyor
  • Infeed Bottle Transfer Rotor
  • Rinse Rotor
  • Filling Rotor
  • Cap Picking Rotor



  • No need Lubricate
  • Cap Hopper Elevator type & having capacity of 1500 caps at a time
  • Cap Hopper Vibrator type & having capacity of 700 caps at a time


  • In feed air blower conveyor SS 304 Hepa Filter
  • Bottle Catching & all-star wheels below the neck only
  • Rinsing Water pressure Interlock
  • Filling Water Tank low & High Level Inter lock
  • Gravity Type Bottle Filling System


  • All Machine parts With CNC Made
  • All material of construction SS 304
  • Contact parts SS 304
  • Out Conveyor SS 304 , conveyor belt also SS 304 With separate Drive

Semi Automatic PET Preform Stretch Blow Molding Machine


  • All Pneumatics low pressure and high pressure Mercury make 1Set of Preform Holder Neck dia 28mm
  • Infrared Conveyorised Preheating System.
  • PLC Based on 16 Bid
  • Micro Controller (Philips XAG.49)
  • Display interface via 320 x 240 graphic display processes on line
  • Control. (Mould Memory, Error Memory).
  • Operation Manual

Automatic Inkject Batch Coding Machine


  • These coders are ideal for On-Line High Speed Coding on packaging machines or bottles moving on conveyor or Winder / Rewinder systems.
  • The message to be printed is very easily composed on its graphic display using the integrated complete QWERTY keyboard. The message can be up-to 4 lines with a combination of small, medium or large characters from 1-mm to 18-mm in height along with LOGO.
  • The Inking system consists of a simple disposable pre-mix ink cartridge using fast drying & indelible solvent-based inks (for porous and nonporous Surfaces) which are just push fitted into its slot & immediately you can start printing.
  • The small print head is then placed aligned with the object or substrate & whenever the product sensor gives a signal, the whole message is spray printed onto the substrate while it is in motion without touching it. Coder Model IJP – P2128

Semi-Automatic Sleeve Wrapper Machine

Automatic Rinsing, Filling and Capping Machine.
Inspection and SS Heat Shrink tunnel.- 6.6.3 (30 BPM)

Infeed Air Conveyor

The empty bottles are loaded manually OR automatically from blow moulding machine feed air conveyor where air at high pressure from a blower is used for conveying bottles supported at the neck up to the in feed bottle transfer rotor. The air conveyor permits different bottle sizes to run without making any adjustments.

Infeed Bottle Transfer Rotor

The bottles are transferred to rinse rotor by the in feed bottle transfer rotor. Bottles are held at the neck during transfer.

Rinse Rotor

The automatic rinse rotor has rinsing jet & catcher which picks up bottles one by one from the in feed transfer rotor. The bottle is inverted against a lever on the rinse valve to start the rinsing operation. Bottles are washed for up to three seconds each, before draining (for removal of residual water) and up righting for transfer to the filling rotor. The rinsing medium is generally product water.

Filling Rotor

The internationally accepted and approved VENT PIPE filling principle ensures accurate level filling without spillage. The filling accuracy is +- 5ml. The fill tank level is regulated automatically by a PLC controlled electronic probe.

Cap Picking Rotor

After completion of the filling operation, bottles are transferred to the capping rotor by the out cap picking rotor, the bottles necks are picking up caps. With NO BOTTLE NO CAP arrangement is there.