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Small Scale Industry
  • One pass rice mill
  • Mobile Food Cart
  • Tea bag making machine
  • T Shirt Screen Printing Machine
  • Portable Toilets
  • Electric Chalk Making Machine
  • Cotton Bud Making Machine
  • Paper Envelope Making Machine
  • Toothpick Making Machine
  • Labelling Machine
  • Bakery Equipments | Rotary Oven
  • Bakery Equipments | Mixer
  • Bakery Equipments | Bread Slicer
  • Bakery Equipments | Mould
  • Rice Mill
  • Candle Machine
  • Candy Wrapping Machine
  • Chalk Machine
  • Concrete Block Machine
  • Ice Cubing Machine
  • Ice Cream Cone Machine
  • Ice Cream Machine
  • Liquid Packaging Machine
  • Nail Machine
  • Oil Extraction
  • Soya Milk Machine
  • Packaging Machine
  • Paddle & Hand Sealer
  • Paper Bag Machine
  • Paper Cup Machine
  • Paper Napkin Machine
  • Paper Plate Machine
  • Potato Processing Unit
  • Poultry Equipments | Debeaker
  • Poultry Equipments | Defeathering
  • Poultry Equipments | Incubator
  • Vacuum Packing Machine
  • Toilet Roll Machine
  • Soap Manufacturing Unit
  • Agro waste Cum Biomass Briquette Making

One pass rice mill

An agricultural set up, a Rice Mill is used to automate the process of removing the chaff and the outer husks of rice grain. The processes are mechanized. The machines are appreciated for high durability and smooth functioning.


  • Main Machine with all standard equipments of 2 pcs.
  • Rubber roller 6" + 1 pc. Milling Emery roller 18" + 1 pc
  • screw Feeder + belt + Rubber Brake 18: +Polisher screen and hand tools
  • Foundation Channel for Machine and Engine Separately

Mobile Food Cart

Its role is to sell the prepared food from the vehicle itself. Mobile food carts basic purpose is to cater the people by providing them with food 24*7.


  • 3 wheeler mobile kitchen/mobile vending machine with 20 KVA silent generator.
  • Food trailer size: - 3300*1700* 2300mm.
  • Low cost and environmental (smokeless barbecue, low noise, no oily fume, no pollution).

Tea bag making machine

This machine is used for packing broken tea into small bags. This way, it avoids the packed bag to directly come in contact with the hands and hence, helps in maintaining the sterile condition.


  • Capacity: 2-5 gms.
  • Production Output: 35-45pouch/m.

T-Shirt Screen Printing Machine

It allows the customers to avail a chance to pick up any printed t shirts from an extensive range provided. With the guidelines set, this machine is known for its flawless performance and its high speed ability provides quality prints to the customers. This unit has various machineries under it:


  • TEMP-4050 UV exposure unit.
  • Thermal Ink Dryer.
  • Screen Emulsion Scoop.
  • Wooden Handle Squeegees.
  • Screen Printing Plate

Portable Toilets

Portable toilets ensure its usage in vast variety of events. Its ideal usage is in rural and remote sites or in the areas which are environmentally sensitive. It helps in providing its hygiene services in the septic areas and are designed to meet the public health and standards.

These premium portable toilets are specifically designed for your outdoor events, functions or special occasions. Indocorp provides variable models of portable toilets:


  • Superloo Star model
  • Prime Model
  • Primus Model
  • Superloo Indian seating

Electric Chalk Making Machine

Though this equipment has got delicate appearance but its high efficiency functions to manufacture low-dust chalks. This machine which is designed with sophisticated technology caters to the needs of the customers.


  • Machine weight is 240 kg and volume is 1.65m3.
  • Voltage: 220V/50HZ.
  • Capacity is 8,000 ~ 12,000 pieces/hour.
  • Power Consumption: 2 kilowatt when one machine working 8 hours.

Cotton Bud Making Machine

Cotton bud making machine is an automatic machine which comes with the packaging system. This equipment does the complete work till the packaging is being done. Its role is to open bites, chop cotton, and then mold and dry them. It then finally reaches the packaging part.


  • Capacity(one head): 500-700pcs/min, Capacity(two head): 700-900pcs/min
  • Power: 2.3kw 380v
  • Weight : 300kg
  • Outside dimension: 1.3*0.7*2.0m

Paper Envelope Making Machine

It successfully caters to the requirement of clients by offering them with quality paper envelopes. Its sophisticated design mechanism synchronizes all critical operations for preparing envelopes in various sizes for the customers.


  • Max working speed:12000 pcs/hour.
  • Thickness of paper:70-150g/m2.
  • Motor power 3(KW).
  • Paper Tape Width: 15---45mm, Paper Tape Length: 100---255mm Weight of machine:2800 kg.
  • Envelope specification: (max) 260*400 mm, (min) 100*120 mm.

Toothpick Making Machine

It helps in processing the elongated wood and converts it into the small wooden sticks which is made according to the requirement of the customers. It helps in aligning and sharpening the ends of toothpick and hence, makes the end product ready for the customer's usage.

Indocorp serves its customers with these wide variety of toothpick making machines:


  • Wood Flaker.
  • Wood wool molding machine.
  • Wood filament size setting machine.
  • Toothpick set-size machine.
  • Polishing machine.
  • Toothpick finishing machine.
  • Toothpick sharpening machine.
  • Multifunctional blade sharpener.

Labelling Machine

Labelling machines are used for applying labels onto all types ofpackaging containers, displays and transit packs. Against all the tampering, it ensures that the labelled products reaches the customers on time.

L shape sticker labelling machine:
Used for putting labels on bottles.

  • The latest sophisticated Micro Processor Control
  • Label Dispensing system and user friendly sensing system is being placed into the machine.

Top Side Sticker Labelling Machine

  • Has a role of placing labels on boxes/cartons.
  • It does a work of single side labelling on the boxes.
  • Various products like cigarette, alcohol and juice cartons are its highlight.

Carton Tapping Machine (Semi-Automatic)

  • Tape Width: 48mm-72mm.
  • Speed: 20 Cartons/Min.
  • Power Source: 660w, 220v, 50 Hz.
  • Capacity: (L) 120 Mm – Unlimited.
  • (W) 120 Mm -450 Mm, (H) 120 Mm -450 Mm.

Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine

  • Designed for packaging production line of beer, beverage, pure water, fruit juice, dairy products, etc.
  • Up to 8-10 pack per minute.
  • 1.5 ltr bottles (2 x 5) and 330ml cans (5 x 4).

Wrap-Around Self Adhesive Sticker Labelling Machine

  • Used for putting labels on round bottles and cans like: alcohol and coke 1 to 1.5 ltr bottles etc.

Labelling Applicator

  • For labels 1" max.
  • 13/16" min wide.

Bakery Equipments | Rotary Oven

It can be operated through oil or gas and is suitable for uniform and perfect baking of various products like bread and cookies.


  • Available in several capacities on a charge basis i.e. 198, 250 and 352 loaves of 400 grams each

Bakery Equipments | Mixer

It is heavy duty mild steel equipment which helps in mechanical development of dough within 2-3 minute per batch. Better divider accuracy is achieved with such dough.


  • All dough contact parts are in stainless steel
  • Available capacity is 20kgs, 30kgs and 50kgs

Bakery Equipments | Bread Slicer

It can slice 2 no. 400 gm loaves at one time or 1 no. 800 grams loaf.


  • It is provided with mild steel chrome plated feed channels and mild steel chrome plated table
  • It is a heavy duty construction with ball bearings for smooth and noiseless working
  • It is provided with 41 blades at 10mm distance
  • Output is up to 700 nos. 400 gms loaves per hour with gravity feed
  • Motor is 1 Hp 3 phase

Bakery Equipments | Mould

They are used to produce different types of moulding outputs in terms of food making.


  • Availability of an exclusive range of moulds in all types and sizes

Rice Mill

An agricultural set up, a Rice Mill is used to automate the process of removing the chaff and the outer husks of rice grain. The processes are mechanized. The machines are appreciated for high durability and smooth functioning.


  • High speed rice whitening mechanism
  • Easy installation
  • Durable
  • Wide usage

Candle Machine

It can produce up to 140 candles in 20 -30 minutes and the length of the candle can be adjusted.

  • Works without electric power
  • Raw material used to make candle is wax, thread and castor oil

Candy Wrapping Machine

It is used to wrap various types of candies in a very subtle way.


  • Pillow Packs are more hygienic

Chalk Machine

It can produce 300/400/600 chalks in 20 minutes.


  • Low cost machine
  • Free maintenance
  • Can work without electric power
  • Easy to operate
  • Raw material required is plaster of paris, zinc oxide & water

Concrete Block Machine

An egg-laying type machine on wheels, this hydraulically operated concrete block making machine lays the block on the concrete floor and moves to the next laying space. By fixing different types of concrete mould and ram into the machine, any type of concrete block can be produced with consistent quality.


  • This machine is fitted with a vibrator motor

Ice Cubing Machine

This machine includes agitator paddles which oscillate or reciprocate in a horizontal path between freezing elements to agitate the water to provide clear ice cubes.


  • Can be customized as per customer's requirement

Ice Cream Cone Machine

This is a high capacity machine used for manufacturing ice-cream cones and cups. It is equipped with four to five rows of baking moulds. The moulds are equipped with automatic ejectors. A single movement opens the moulds and ejects the cones which fall into a box placed underneath the baking moulds.


  • The cast alloys baking moulds are mounted on heavy mild steel frame
  • The upper half (the main part of mould) which slides up and down between two steel columns is balanced by counter weights and operated by a hand lever
  • The battery is infused by means of a very exact, adjustable and better deposition device

Ice Cream Machine

It is a twin flavoured soft serve machine.


  • High output capacity with pump (increases the volume by 80%)
  • Available in single & three phase and single or double compressors

Liquid Packaging Machine

It is a mechanically operated volumetric filler. It is used for the packaging of various products of edible oils, water, honey, paints & other forms of liquid.


  • All parts are made up of stainless steel

Nail Machine

It can produce nails from 2- 6 inches of length.


  • Requires electrical power
  • Full unit consists of nail machine, polishing barrel and electric bench grinder with spare parts

Oil Extraction

It is used for extracting oil from groundnut, sesame, palm seeds, caster seeds, cotton seeds, sunflower seeds etc.


  • It consists of a Decorticator, Oil Expelling Machine, Filter Press and Baby Boiler
  • Available from table top models to large scale production

Soya Milk Machine

This is a table top machine which produces approx 14 Ltrs. of high quality soya milk by using 2 kg of soya beans. This milk could be converted into 2.5 - 3kgs of Tofu on an extremely low cost.


  • The machine includes accessories for making tofu and is available with the deodorizer
  • It requires 10-12 sq m of area with domestic power supply for running the machine (2kw single phase)
  • The plant is available ranging from30 Ltrs./hr to 200 Ltrs./hr with electrical and gas boilers

Packaging Machine

It is used to produce center sealed pouches to pack various products such as tea, rice, salt, sugar, grains, coffee, spices, chips, snacks, dry fruits, confectioneries, pesticides, detergent, pharmaceuticals etc.

Paddle & Hand Sealer

These are semi automatic machines used for pouch packing.


  • Low cost machine
  • Consumes less electrical power
  • Easy maintenance

Paper Bag Machine

This machine is designed to meet all requirements of paper bags, both fat as satchel type (with side folding on both sides) made from kraft paper and sulphite paper.


  • Bags could be produced without printing and with fexo-printing in one, two or even upto 4 colors
  • Printing and complete bag making is done at a single go
  • Capable of producing bags of different sizes by changing plates and gears

Paper Cup Machine

It is a very simple and practical model to make paper cups of various sizes ranging from 50 ml to 300 ml.


  • Bottom paper punching
  • Side paper sealing
  • Bottom folding and bottom sealing
  • Top lip forming
  • These five operations are totally independent of each other, which means that five people can work at a time on each of these operations

Paper Napkin Machine

It is widely used for producing high quality paper napkins.


  • Production of napkins is enabled through processes including printing, embossing, folding and cutting of paper from the parent roll
  • Customization of napkins can be done as per customer's requirement

Paper Plate Machine

It is an automatic dish shaper with air motion model. This equipment is fullyautomatic to pass paper, do moulding and produce dishes at constant controlled temperature with autocount functions.


  • Easy maintenance
  • Round or square plates are produced with this type of machine

Potato Processing Unit

This unit consists of Potato Peeler, Deep Fryer, Potato Slicer, Hydro Extractor entailing four processes namely peeling, slicing, deep frying & hydro extracting.


  • The production is 80kgs/hr
  • All the touch parts of the machine are made of stainless steel

Poultry Equipments | Debeaker

It is adaptable for all types of debeaking and it cuts & cauterizes simultaneously.


  • Foot operated machine
  • Portable size, suitable for large & small producer

Poultry Equipments | Defeathering

Equipped with rubber fingers specially designed to beat off the feathers.


  • Carefully defeather chicken leaving it in hygienic condition
  • Absolute ease of operations
  • Reduces the time and energy in pulling and plucking of feathers
  • Time saver
  • User friendly
  • Easy maintenance
  • Sturdy construction
  • Low maintenance cost

Poultry Equipments | Incubator

It works as an Incubator cum Hatchery for eggs.


  • Available capacity is of 1000 eggs to 5000 eggs with automatic turning and clock & anticlock wise heating system

Vacuum Packing Machine

It is useful for retail as well as bulk packing of perishable food items & also high value electronic gadgets for computers etc., for longer shelf life.


  • It is available in small, medium & big size, single & double chamber, horizontal & vertical machines There is no loss of weight & aroma in case of food items

Toilet Roll Machine

This hi-speed toilet paper roll machine efficiently makes good quality toilet rolls.


  • Available in 811mm, 1020mm & 1350 mm working width
  • It is a slitting machine with perforation
  • Slitting blades could be adjusted to make kitchen rolls & industrial rolls
  • Electronic counter is provided which controls the number of sheets to be wounded over a given roll in this toilet roll making machine

Soap Manufacturing Unit

This unit consists of Soap Extruder, Soap Milling Machine, Soap Mixer and Soap Stamping Machine.


  • Total production capacity is 100 Kgs per / 8 hrs

Saw dust Briquette Making Machine /Agrowaste cum Biomass Briquette Making Machine.

The Raw-Material that can be used in this Briquette Making Machine are Wood Shaving, Rice Husk, Groundnut Shell, Coffee Shell, Bamboo Chips, Bagasse, Coconut Shell Chips, Wood Saw Dust (not pure but mixed with wood shavings; results also differ as the sawdust quality varies from region to region), and other biomass materials such as mustard stalk, lantana etc in chips form only.

The raw material should be crushed and the powder so obtained should be between 5mm to 8mm and the moisture level should be between 10% to 15%.

Due to high temperature and pressure of the extruder, the raw-material will become high density briquette.


  • Power: 15 HP
  • Capacity: 120-150 kg/hr
  • Diameter: 50 mm
  • Electric Consumption: 5-6 units/hr.
  • Wattage Consumption(1 set=3 nos of coil ) : 1500 watt/coil(1500x3 coils)


The Airflow Sawdust Dryer machine is important equipment for briquetting process. To get the superior quality of biomass briquettes with high density, it is necessary to control the moisture of material at 8-12% exactly before the saw dust is fed into the wood briquette machine. The airflow dryer machine has advantages of low cost, low consumption, high capacity, and easy operation. In addition, the round places of pipes can be changed to any angle which can save space and solve plant dimension limitation.

Heating Fuel: Wood (broken wood), coal, steam or electrical heating


  • Capacity: 250-300 kg
  • Power: 5 HP
  • Weight: 1200 kg
  • Product Size: 10x1.0x2.0 m
  • Hot Air Temperature: 180°C-300° C

Spiral oil press with Motor


  • Processing capacity(t/24h) : ≥1.3
  • Residue oil of the cake(%): ≤8.0
  • Spiral axes rotate speed(r/min): 36~42
  • Main electromotor power(kw): 4
  • Measurement(mm)(L×W×H): 1090×405×806
  • Weight(kg): 195

Automatic temperature controlled combined oil press


  • Processing capacity(t/24h) : 1.3
  • Residue oil of the cake(%): ≤8.0
  • Spiral axes rotate speed(r/min): 35~45
  • Main electromotor power(kw): 4
  • The power for filtration(kw): 0.55
  • Temperature control power(kw): 1.5
  • Measurement(mm)(L×W×H): 1500x1100x1620
  • Weight(kg): 500

Fried Ice cream making machine Model 1+6


  • Main Power: 220V50/60Hz 110V60Hz
  • Rated Output: 1.2 KW
  • Refrigerant: R22/R134A/R404A
  • Ice Pan dimensions: 480*20mm*2
  • Cooling temperature: -25~37C
  • 6 pcs tank temp: +10C
  • N.W. 70Kg G.W. 90Kg
  • Overall dimensions: 1090*560*710mm
  • Packing dimensions: 1150*620*850mm

Fried Ice cream making machine Model 2+10


  • Main Power: 220V50/60Hz 110V60Hz
  • Rated Output: 2.8KW
  • Refrigerant: R22/R134A/R404A
  • Ice Pan dimensions: 480*20mm*2
  • Cooling temperature: -25~37C
  • 10 pcs tank temp; +10C
  • N.W. 70Kg G.W. 160Kg
  • Overall dimensions: 1650*560*710mm
  • Packing dimensions: 1720*620*850mm

Semi-Automatic Chapati Making Machine

This is the most compact, simplified & easy to use Chapati Making Machine. Dough balls are made manually and placed on the machine for pressing and baking.

Advantages of our Machine over others:
• It is an extremely simple machine and can be operated by Ordinary Labor through minimal training.
• The Machine ensures virtually no breakdowns & minimum maintenance.

Technical Specification

  • Capacity: 1000 Chapati/hour
  • Weight of Chapati: 25gms – 45gms
  • Chapati thickness: 1.5mm -2.5mm
  • Chapati Size: 4.5'' – 6.5''
  • Colour: Light Brown
  • Appearance: Soft with puffed layer
  • L.P.G. Consumption: 1.25Kg to 1.75Kg/hour
  • L.P.G. Pressure: 5 p.s.i. to 7 p.s.i.
  • Electricity Consumption: 1.15 KW
  • Hygienic Preparation & no use of Dry flour
  • Easy to Clean Machine

Fully Automatic Chapati Making Machine

The Fully Automatic Chapati Making Machine is Our latest innovation in the field of Chapati Making Products. This machine integrates the entire process of peda making, pressing and Chapati baking into one single unit, in the most hygienic and functional manner ever.

Advantages of our Machine over others:
• The biggest unbeatable advantage that Indocorp Fully Automatic Model offers is, that it has no hidden spaces or enclosures unlike traditional Fully Automatic Models, hence, making our machine the MOST HYGIENIC & SAFE as compared to any other Fully Automatic Chapati Machine in the Industry. This feature helps achieve extremely stringent norms for personal and environmental cleanliness by:
• Like all other Indocorp Machines the Fully Automatic Chapati Making Machine is a simple, easy to operate design which can be operated by an Ordinary Labor with minimal training.


  • Capacity: 1000 Chapati/hour
  • Weight of Chapati: 25gms – 45gms
  • Chapati thickness: 1.5mm -2.5mm
  • Chapati Size: Upto 8 inches
  • Colour: Light Brown
  • Appearance: Soft with puffed layer
  • L.P.G. Consumption: 1.25Kg/hour (Approx.)
  • Electricity Consumption: 6.5 KW
  • Dimensions:-Length: 14.5'' (Feet) , Width: 5 (Feet) , Height: 5.2'' (Feet)