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Waste Management Solutions
  • Auto D'silt Machine
  • Auto Hook Lifter
  • Auto Multi Jet
  • Auto Sky Lift
  • Auto Tipper
  • Dumper Placer
  • Hook Loader
  • Plastic Bin
  • Refused Compactor with Bin Lifter
  • Road Sweeping Machine
  • Solid Waste Sorting Plant
  • Suction Cum Jetting Machine
  • Tricycle Hooper
  • Wheel Barrow
  • Waste Container Carrier
  • Vacuum Loader De Silting Machine
  • Solid Waste Transfer Station

Auto D'silt Machine

Auto D'silt machine is developed on a three wheeler and is used for effective and efficient cleaning of silt from manholes, wet wells and sump houses.


  • The capacity of the Auto D'silt machine is 0.35 cu.m. (volumetric capacity hopper)
  • The bucket can lift 20 kgs to 50 kgs silt at one time and it can also reach to the depth of 30 ft to 50 ft
  • The machine is completely hydraulically operated

Auto Hook Lifter

This equipment helps in collection, transportation and dumping of garbage.


  • One system can easily handle lifting, shifting & dumping 10-12 containers
  • It can easily enter in to narrow lanes and by lanes
  • Number of trips can be increased
  • Very useful for congested and big apartment areas
  • Due to site loading provision available, there is no traffic problems

Auto Multi Jet

It is a multipurpose device designed to clean choked, drainage and sewer lines of 3" to 7" effectively and with high water pressure.


  • Can work as a small fire extinguisher
  • Can serve the purpose of road and street washing machine, market place and footpath cleaning device, container washing machine, pesticides spraying machine, public toilets and urinals cleaning machine

Auto Sky Lift

It is a completely hydraulic operation used for repairing and installation of electrical fixtures.


  • Can be used for better accessibility of various tall structures like electrical poles, bridges, aircrafts, overhead cables, trees etc.

Auto Tipper

It is a unique innovation to facilitate door to door collection of garbage and its proper disposal. This equipment can dump the garbage on the ground, as well as directly into the container and also in the refuse compactor.


  • It is useful for small townships, city council & big factories

Dumper Placer

Dumper Placer System is developed on LCV, MCV and HCV truck chassis depending upon the container capacity. The garbage or the refuse is directly collected into the containers which are placed at the various collection points in the busiest and most thickly populated areas of the city.


  • Container capacity is of 7.0 cu.m., 5.0 cu.m., 4.5 cu.m., 3.5 cu.m., 2.5 cu.m. and 1.5 cu.m.

Hook Loader

The Hook Loader is designed to pick up loaded or empty skip containers from the ground, transport the same to dumping yard for dumping the material by hydraulic tipping of container and thereafter unload the skip.


  • Capable of handling roll-on roll-off skip containers up to 25 cu.m. capacity

Plastic Bin

They are ordinary stationary bins used to collect garbage.


  • Available in capacity ranging from 60 Ltrs. to 240 Ltrs.

Refused Compactor with Bin Lifter

The container volume is ranging from 6 cu.m to 20 cu.m depending upon the truck chassis and customer requirements. Bin lifter is universal type capable of handling bins as per International Standards. Proper equipment, weight distribution and smaller overhang ensure vehicle's stability, while traveling on uneven grounds in dumping area.


  • Designed in a manner to match each individual customer requirements suitable for practical works
  • Delivers high quality performance

Road Sweeping Machine

This machine works on the principle of vacuum suction. There is wandering hose for cleaning areas outside the sweeping path.


  • Machines with bag filter systems are available as option, capable to sweep without any water spray
  • Large container capacity of up to 6.5 cu.m.
  • Extendable side brushes and wandering brush for cleaning deposits along the road kerfs.

Solid Waste Sorting Plant

We supply equipments used in a wide range of waste screening and sifting, separation, palletizing and shredding for solid waste sorting in cities and towns.

Suction Cum Jetting Machine

These are truck mounted and trailer mounted suction-cum-jetting machines. The equipments are used for dislodging and removing obstructions, blockages from sewer pipelines and emptying gully pits & septic tanks.


  • Available in capacity ranging from 3000-5000 Ltrs.

Tricycle Hooper

It is a garbage cycle having bins with lids. The chassis of cycle is heavy duty to carry load oaf 500 kgs.


  • Garbage cycle is of capacity 300 Ltrs.
  • Bin is made from roto moulding technique
  • Two rear tyre is of motor cycle type with heavy duty rim
  • Proper locking arrangement is provided for locking the tricycle
  • The container is having the tilting provision for emptying the bin

Wheel Barrow

They are moving bins used to collect garbage in a convenient manner.


  • Available in capacity ranging from 30 Ltrs. to 80 Ltrs.

Waste Container Carrier

It carries the container containing waste and is developed on two wheeled trailer chassis which can be towed or operated by tractor.


  • One system can easily handle up to 10-15 containers of 2.5 cu.m. and 4.0 cu.m. depending upon the lead distance from garbage collection point to dumping site
  • After transporting it to the dumping site, the container is tipped hydraulically to discharge its load

Vacuum Loader De Silting Machine

It comes with high pressure jetting system deployed for dislodging settled sludge and silt from underground trunk sewer pipelines, open drains and suctioning the same. The suctioned sludge is collected in a separate truck mounted cyclonic dump tanker for disposal at dumping grounds.


  • Suction is done from a depth of 8 to 10 mtrs through specially designed fluidizing nozzles

Solid Waste Transfer Station

A transfer station is capable of handling considerable amount of waste, static waste compactors and portable compactors per hour.


  • The unit is capable of handling up to 504 cu.m per hour of waste, static waste compactors and portable compactors