Recycling of Waste Fibrous Material

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Recycling of Waste Fibrous Material

It is a complete yet uncomplicated technology package with which even a child can turn waste paper and cotton rags into useful and valuable products. In conjugation, it helps reduce pollution.


The raw material which can range from used paper to waste cloth is soaked in water and beaten to a pulp in an electrically powered mini-beater or hydro pulper. After two hours of beating and further dilution with water, the pulp is ready for making paper. The pulp is transferred to a univac, mixed thoroughly and lifted with a unique deckle and mould frame system designed to lay it out in sheets of even thickness. The sheets stacked on top of each other, separated by thin cotton felts. After squeezing out excess water by a screw press, the sheets of paper are separated and dried in the sun. The dry paper is polished with a calendaring machine or a hot iron, after which it is ready for use or sale.


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